Mom Finds Daughter With 2 Sanitary Napkins In A Shoebox And Posts About It On Facebook

Being a mother comes along with so many wonderful surprises. Each and every day, there’s something new to deal with, a new problem to solve, or something else to either make you laugh your head off or want to scream into your pillow.

In the end, though, everything good and not so good will even out. After all, children are a blessing, and we all love them unconditionally.

When Hazel Hulse was getting her daughter, Sophia, ready for school one day, she noticed something a bit strange about her shoes.

Mom took a closer look at her daughter’s footwear to find something that was so sidesplittingly hilarious that she felt compelled to share it to her own Facebook. This was definitely one of those brighter moments of motherhood!

Her personal post got so much traction that media outlets started picking up on it.

So, what’s so funny?

This is what Hulse posted on her Facebook.

And this is what she found in her daughter’s shoebox! Two sanitary napkins, posing as insoles. Can you imagine if you found your child using their creativity in this way? How funny!

Hulse’s friends got quite the kick out of it as well.

This mother of three knows that a good sense of humor is needed when raising children and going about life in general! An eye for the lighter things in life will make just about everything else so much more bearable.

That’s why this goofy mom shared the incident on her Facebook — she figured that everyone else could use a good laugh, too.

Alec, Gabriella, and Sophia (there in the back), are lucky to have a mom with a sense of humor like this. Clearly, Sophia picked it up from somewhere!5-7

What will these kids think of next, I wonder? Maybe they’ll try to leave the house wearing their undergarments as hats? Who knows?

Once again, children certainly are a blessing, and this is one of those silly moments that reminds you to smile more often. What a creative child to think of using sanitary napkins that way!

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