Mom Decides To Get Up During Labor. Her Dance Moves Are Going Viral


Labor pains are enough to keep even the most brave women tied down in bed, but not this momma-to-be. She’s tired of staying put and needs to have a little fun before the birth of her child! Lucky for the rest of us, her husband has the camera ready and rolling!

This cheerful mommy jumps out of bed and begins to boogie (and skillfully, at that)! Her dancing brings a smile to the faces of the medical staff tending to her, as well as her husband and the rest of the Internet world watching her now!

It take one tough cookie to stay positive during a usually stressful time like this – and it’s easy to see that she’s an excited lady, dancing as joyfully as she does! Take a peek at this silly mom by pressing “play” on the video below. It’s hard not to smile while watching her get her groove on with that big baby belly!

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