Mom Can’t Keep Son Away From Sewing Machine. But When He Shows Mom What He’s Made, She’s In Tears

Campbell Remess is not like most 12-year-old pre-teen boys. Instead of spending time playing video games or out playing with his friends, he spends all of his free time sewing teddy bears for sick children.

Campbell came up with the idea to buy Christmas gifts for children who are in the local hospital. He is one of nine children, so when he brought the idea to his mom, she told him that it would cost way too much money.

“No worries, I’ll make them then,” he told his mom. He first tried making toys, but then had the idea to make teddy bears. He worked for several days creating a pattern for the bears, but this was hard for him because he had never sewn before.

Campbell showed his mom the pattern and said, “I can’t work this out. Can you help me?” Sonia Whittaker, his mom, said, “Nah, it’s beyond me.” She sent him to bed thinking she would not hear of it again.

But a few hours later, Campbell came back to his mom with his first teddy bear. “He came down with this funky looking teddy bear that he’d made…it was incredible,” Sonia Whittaker said proudly. “He’s just sewn and sewn since then.”

Campbell is one determined young man, sewing a teddy bear each day! He has been comforting little hearts who are going through a hard time for three years now. His mom says this special statement about Campbell, “He looks at sadness and tries to turn it upside down.”

He also gives his homemade bears to others who are hurting. “I do comfort bears, which are for parents if their kids are in the hospital having a hard time,” Campbell explains. “I do overseas bears, like the terrorist attacks. I sent one over to Paris when the people got hurt and I am sending some over to Brussels, too.”

Whittaker set up a Facebook page for her son called Project 365 by Campbell to track his progress. One of the group members, Kat, wanted to do something special for Campbell to thank him for all he has done.

“I set up an online fundraiser that night with an aim of reaching $1,000 in a week and we reached $1,000 in 36 hours,” said Kat. She and some other volunteers took the money and transformed his bedroom into a sewing room. Campbell now has the space to continue “sewing hope” into the lives of so many.

Campbell explained his feelings about what he is doing with his sewing, “I think being kind and not mean can change the world.” What wise words from the mouth of a child!

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