Mom Buys 8 Bottles Of Water And Lines Them Up. Now, Check Out The White Strips In Front Of Them …

Every year, Americans go through millions upon millions of plastic water bottles, but with all those different brands out there, is there any way to know which water truly reigns supreme? That’s a question that Holly Inskeep was also curious about. What she found was shocking. “What do you THINK you are drinking? You might want to re-evaluate. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment,” Holly says. “We wanted to share with you an experiment that we did with bottled water to see what we REALLY ARE paying for. Hope this helps you and your family.”

Along with her son, Carson, Holly took seven popular brands of bottled water and lined them up on her kitchen counter, with a glass of tap water as a control. Using pH testing strips (a.k.a. litmus strips, found at your local pharmacy), they tested the pH level of all eight samples of water in order to see how alkaline or acidic the different waters were.

The results of Holly’s experiment were posted to the H2O Project, and have been seen and shared by countless people from around the world. Watch the video below to learn what they discovered.