Military Dad Sneaks Up Behind Football Players. But WATCH Son’s Reaction To His Epic Surprise

A 15-year-old teenager was brought to tears when his military father surprised him during an after-school football practice. The teen from Andrews, Texas wasn’t expecting his dad to return home for another month, and when his uniform-clad father stepped out on the field, he couldn’t help but cry.

Thanks to his wife’s careful planning, Marine Staff Sergeant Isaias Gonzales was able to surprise his 15-year-old son Elijah when he least expected it. Gonzales explained that this homecoming was particularly special because it’s his last. “No more deployments,” Gonzales stated.

Gonzales made his way to the front of the unsuspecting football team, who were busily posing for a photo. “Walking out, emotions were going crazy,” Gonzales recalled.

Elijah recognized his father right away, and the two embraced in a long-awaited and well-deserved hug. The football team rallied behind the father and son, clapping and cheering over their joyous reunion. “I don’t know how to describe it,” an emotional Elijah said.

“I just went into shock,” Elijah added, overcome with emotion. “I was like, ‘oh my gosh, my dad’s home today,’ I thought he’d be home next month.”

Gonzales is excited to watch his oldest son finish high school and graduate, and looks forward to watching his younger two children continue to grow up. “I love him,” Gonzales said of his son. “I would do anything for him.”

As the heartwarming story spreads, thousands are commenting to thank Gonzales for his sacrifice and military service. “Such a sweet greeting, with such loving emotions,” wrote one viewer.

“Thank you, SIR for your WONDERFUL service. May you and you family be blessed.”

“So glad the son wasn’t afraid to show emotions in front of the other players,” said another. “Thanks sir for serving.”

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