Man Fills Bathtub With Hot Sauce, Jumps In, Feels The Burn

In 2016, we know that people will do just about anything for attention (or likes and retweets). But one YouTube user by the name CemreCandar takes this concept to new heights?—?or, should I say, heats.
For whatever reason, the young man decided to draw a bath using 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, creating what he dubbed “the hottest bathtub in the world.” If you click on the video’s description, you’ll soon see some of his other classic videos, namely “Filling bath with 520 lbs of Chocolate” and “Bathing in 1,500 Oreos.” While I wasn’t familiar with the chap prior to seeing this last video, I suppose his shtick is being “the bath guy.”
Let’s go to the tape.

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