Man Asks Lonely Kid To Play Ball, But The Boy Has No Clue He’s A Famous Athlete

One day, 14-year-old Robbie McNulty was shooting hoops at the neighborhood basketball court all by himself. All of a sudden a man walked up to him and asked if he could join him for a game.
“When I was playing basketball before he came, I saw someone walking toward me but you know, he wasn’t that tall, so I didn’t expect [it was him],” McNulty said. “He was at about halfcourt and then like I took another shot and then I turned around and then he’s just like staring at me, walking towards me.”
That’s when McNulty realized it was Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics. It was a simple act of kindness as sweet as when Travis Rudolph sat next to a lonely boy with autism for no reason other than to enjoy a slice of pizza.

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