Magician Reaches Into His Pants, But It’s His Next Move That Really Shocks ‘Em

This video is a clip from the tv show “America’s Got Talent”. The contestant is a man named Derek Hughes, who has been doing magic tricks since the age of 10. His act starts off a little slow and some of the audience members have a look of dispair but we soon find out that it is just all a part of his act. Derek picks up the pace by doing a card trick with the help of Howard Stern. Derek drops cards from one hand to the other while Howard tells him when to stop. He has landed on the 2 of clubs. Derek then makes the whole deck of cards disappear. The cards are pulled out of the zipper on his pants and it is revealed that the 2 of clubs is missing. Derek proceeds to turn around and lower his pants. There is a card folded up in his crack. He pulls out the card, unfolds it, and everyone sees that it is, indeed, the 2 of clubs! The crowd and the judges all applause.

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