Little Girl Sends Balloon & Letter To Heaven For Grandma. Days Later, She Finds Gift From An Angel

It is a blessing for kids to get to know their grandparents. Whether they live close or far apart, visits are much-anticipated, joyous events. Many of us were not fortunate enough to meet our great-grandparents, but those of us who have know how special that connection is, too.

The loss of any family member is heartbreaking, and for young Bella, losing her great-grandmother, Mawmaw, was devastating. Mawmaw was Bella’s “favoritest grandmother ever,” and she was not looking forward to all the family events that would be missing her presence.

Despite the sadness that Bella experienced, she was at peace with Mawmaw’s passing: “The last day I got to see her, it was a really special day to me because I knew that she was going to go to heaven. And whenever I hugged her, the last thing she ever said to me was ‘I love you, Bella.’”

So Bella and her mom found a way to start healing the hurt that still lingered. They sent up a handwritten note attached to a balloon, hoping that someone close to Mawmaw in heaven would find it and get it to her.

The note was short and sweet, scrawled out across a creased piece of red construction paper. “Tell Mawmaw I love her and to come visit soon. Love, Bella.” Her mom added their address on the back, just in case.

Time went by, and Bella was comforted knowing that she’d done something to try to reach her Mawmaw. But then a package arrived at her home.

In the package? A silver heart locket and the scrap of a note valiantly holding on to the withered balloon that she’d sent up in hopes that her Mawmaw would get her message.

Mawmaw is always with you.

Just close your eyes and you will see her.


Your Guardian Angel.”

Bella had sent up the note basically in the middle of nowhere. She lived in a rural area, and the fact that it was not only found, but found by someone with a huge heart, is practically miraculous.

Her mom said that when they got the note, they stood in the driveway for a good 10 or 15 minutes just crying and hugging. For all their hope, they never expected to get anything back! The gesture comforted them and helped them feel closer to the grandmother and great-grandmother they’d both loved so dearly.

“I thought that it had to be from Mawmaw,” said Bella. And whoever it is certainly isn’t stepping up, though Bella’s story has gone viral. We hope whoever the kind soul is who did this gets to see the effect of their charity and is encouraged in their work.

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