Little Girl Sees Irish Dancer On The Street. What She Does Next Will Steal Your Heart.

The skill and energy that they bring is absolutely captivating, and the fun that they’re having is infectious. It doesn’t take long before I can feel my body wanting to join in on the action but then I have to remind myself that any attempt at dancing would surely result in injury. Not to mention, I’d look like an absolute fool. Nope, I am one of those unfortunate people that can’t dance, and I also lack the confidence to even make an attempt at learning.

But when I think back to my childhood, I was not at all self-conscious about dancing. Music or no music, I was happy to get my directionless groove on. Oh, to be so young and care-free… and in case you need a reminder, we’ve got an absolutely adorable video for you today.

On the streets of Galway, an Irish step dancer was entertaining the crowd with a fun and beautiful performance. Her dancing catches the attention of a curious little girl. The little girl is instantly inspired and decides to step into the makeshift dance floor and do her best to mimic the Irish step dancing. You can actually see her carefully examine the techniques as before she attempt to replicate the different moves. And you know what? She’s amazing and the crowd absolutely loves her.

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