Little Girl Invents A Brilliant Device To Prevent Parents From Ever Forgetting Kids In Car. WOW!

There are far too many cases in the news where a baby or small child has been left in a car unattended. The parent leaves them in their vehicle to go shopping, or for some parents, they have simply forgotten that their child was even with them to begin with.

Leaving a child in a car, especially an infant, is extremely dangerous for the child’s well-being. Just with temperature and safety alone, it is unacceptable. Well one little fourth grader invented something that can prevent parents from doing this again in the future.

The annual school Invention Convention project was assigned, and this year it was 4th grader Sophie Rapson’s turn to try and invent something that has never been created before. Mom and her 9-year-old sat around a table brainstorming what they could possibly invent that didn’t already exist – when a remarkable idea struck them. Suddenly, Sophie’s mother blurted out:

The only thing I can think of that REALLY needs to be invented, is something to keep parents from forgetting their babies in the car.

Sophie got all kinds of excited after her mother said that, and they confirmed that would be their invention for the school project–to invent a device preventing parents from leaving their babies in the car.

Now that they figured out their idea, a lot of brainstorming had to take place afterwards to figure out how exactly they were going to construct the device. Sophie’s father joined her and her mother to talk about realistic ways in which they could come up with something that would work successfully as a deterrent for parents. Sophie realized that something would need to be created that not only attached to the parent, but could also stretch and be adjustable, since the make and models of cars would be different for each parent.

Sophie started drawing some of her ideas as to what could work that was flexible and could stretch, and she ended up coming up with an idea of a stretchy cord and Velcro loops. Sophie’s father found the stretchy cord which is primarily used for spear fishing. All of the supplies only cost about $12 which would be great for parents who are on tight budgets.

Now here’s how Sophie’s invention works. All you have to do is attach one end to the baby’s car seat straps. Then get into the driver’s seat, reach back, grab the other end of the strap and attach it to your car keys. Now your keys are attached to your child. When you go to get out of the car, you will be reminded by the strap from your keys still being attached to your child’s car seat, thus prompting you to go get your child.

After a lot of experimenting, tightening, adjusting, hard work, and trial runs, Sophie’s Baby Forget-Me-Not was invented. Although Sophie could probably make a fortune selling her idea to a company, she has decided that she just wants to encourage parents to make this device themselves, so they don’t leave their baby in the car anymore. See the video below to learn how to make Sophie’s invention yourself.

Sophie reminds us that great ideas which improve the world are meant to be shared, and not made to earn a profit. Who knows what kinds of low cost ideas we could come up with if we all just brainstormed together. Why not think of an idea with your family?

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