Listen To This Adorable Boxer’s Answer When His Owner Asks Him Who’s Your Favorite? AWW!

They can completely amaze us with the speed at which they learn new tricks. Elliot, the Boxer in the video below, is living proof that the statement above is true! This clever doggie pays very close attention to what his mom is saying when she asks him, Who’s your favorite?.

Then, twice, without hesitating, he answers her, Mom. Wow! What a very bright boy! He certainly does know how to make his mama proud, doesn’t he?! Well, I guess his mama was quite patient while teaching him how to say Mom and it truly paid off in a big way, don’t you think?

It looks as though his favorite word now might just be Mom!

What a precious pup! Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love how he answers her the third time she asks! He’s hilarious! What do you think about Elliot’s new skill?

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