Layer Potatoes And Onions In A Pan For This Hearty And Delicious Treat

Is there anything better than a seriously delicious dinner dish in only four steps? These roasted potatoes are like a delicacy you might see in a magazine, but this recipe is actually so user friendly that you could probably make it today, with the right amount of potatoes.

Potatoes are already extremely versatile, but since this recipe calls for such thin-cut potato wedges, it ensures a successful and fully cooked crisp treat. You will need 4 lbs of potatoes. After melting butter with olive oil, thinly slice each potato, arrange in rows into your pan, while wedging shallots in between. Sprinkle with red pepper and thyme. Could it be much more simple?

At-home cooks on the internet everywhere are saying this recipe was a winner for their families. Others are adapting the recipe slightly by adding bacon and cheddar, or pancetta and sliced mushrooms. You can really make it your own without staying from the simplicity of this savory roasted potato favorite.

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