Kid Bites The Dust During 1st Bike Ride. But Who Runs To Comfort Him Will Leave You MELTING

Put a little tyke on a bike and you never know what you’re going to get. The long-running show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” made a living on this type of situation.

When you get the little ones talking about what happened, you know you’ll get an honest recap. It sort of reminds you of “Kids Say The Darndest Things” with Art Linkletter, Bill Cosby, or Steve Harvey.

In this case, the dad decided he’d film his young son on one of his first bike rides and there was no need to yell “action.” Dad just had to make sure no cars were coming.

The boy took matters into his own hands and sped off down the driveway, oh my! When “sis” came to check on him, Dad knew he’d captured a classic moment on video. Watch and enjoy!

How can you not love it when the young biker said, “I was too fast,” and then asked, “Was that funny?” He may have a career as a stuntman in his future.

You have to give little Evil Knievil credit, he’s pretty young to be without training wheels. He was also very fortunate to find soft grass to land on among all that concrete.

Sis could not have been cuter with her authentic concern for her big brother. “You OK” is all she wanted to know.

The hug between brother and sister just melts your heart. Dad nailed it when he said, “That’s sweet.”

It’s a wonderful example of young siblings truly caring for each other. Many people have fond memories of welcoming a younger sibling into their life.

If you talk to older folks, they often say their best memories are of the fun they had with their brothers or sisters. They’d share chores, play games, and help each other along.

It’s nice to have a friend living in the same house. You share the ups and downs together.

What a great way to begin life. Often, you have a friend for forever.

You have great memories to think about and talk about. Stories that will be repeated at every family gathering and yet still continue to bring smiles.

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