Incredible Things People Can Actually Do With The Body And Mind

Over the past decade or so there has been a real rebirth of the superhero culture. Superheroes have always been around, after all think of the comic books dating back several decades. Today, we have the Marvel and DC franchises pumping out movies of all our favorite heroes sporting all their trademark superpowers. There’s the Incredible Hulk with his super strength; Wonder Woman with her super everything and Batman and Iron Man who don’t have any real superpowers unless you think being mega wealthy counts. These over-the-top powers make for rather entertaining films and have many of us imaging what it would be like to possess the same powers. But all that is just a fantasy. Or is it?
While no one on earth has turned green and become an unstoppable rage-monster or been able to shoot lasers out their eyes or have metal blades appear and retract out of their hands – you’d be surprised to learn that everyone possesses some pretty interesting superpowers of their own. These real-life superpowers span all of our five senses and even cross into the sixth sense. Some are possessed only while we are in the womb, while others stick with us throughout our entire lives. Sure, they may not seem as incredible as x-ray vision or the ability to fly, but when you think about it, if we could all do that then they wouldn’t be superpowers, would they?

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