In Memory Of Leonard Cohen: KD Lang’s Soul Stirring Cover Of Hallelujah

Her version of Leonard’s iconic song, Hallelujuah is enough to bring her audience and those watching over the Internet to tears!

Leonard Cohen released Hallelujuah all the way back in 1984 and it’s been covered by thousands of different musicians since. This widespread love and admiration by those within the industry shows just how moving his music is to everyone from every background. Luckily, Canadian pop artist, KD Lang also gave the song her best shot and the result was absolutely breathtaking!

KD belts her heart out on stage and honors Leonard the way he deserves to be honored! Her voice croons each word with emotion and she gives the song everything she’s got! Leonard will never be forgotten – thanks to skilled musicians like KD Lang and the hoards of others who have covered his tunes!

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