I Cannot Believe The Horse Does This. @1:40? What A Move!

She hit the bottle hard and lost hope for a better life. This was not the first time she had a low time in her life. At 15 years of age, she quit school. This period was the most difficult for her, but she did not know what life had in a present for her.

Years later, Alycia had transformed her life around. One day she was passing by a church when she asked God to intervene in her life. She found herself visiting the church more often, something that led to having strong faith.

Today, Alycia Burton is a horse trainer and an internet superstar. She has a unique style of riding horses. She found her calling in Horses thanks to her growing up around her houses. Her mind is at peace when dealing with horse unlike when she was drinking her life away.

Her journey from starting with a rejected and untrained horse to making astonishing jumps on the same horse is a fascinating one. This daredevil jumps and training have earned her recognition and millions of followers on YouTube. To crown it all people trust her to reform their rejected and damaged horses.

Watch the video below to see her in action. She is just incredible!

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