Husbands REFUSE To Answer Outrageous ‘Family Feud’ Question. Then Marine Looks At Steve Harvey & Speaks

The original “Family Feud” aired in 1976. The current syndicated series premiered on September 20, 1999.

The ABC version of the show and the first syndicated series were hosted by Richard Dawson. When it went over to CBS, Ray Combs hosted the first six seasons of the accompanying syndicated version, then was replaced by Dawson for the final season.

The 1999 syndicated series has been hosted by four different men. Louie Anderson (1999–2002), Richard Karn (2002–06), John O’Hurley (2006–10), and Steve Harvey (2010–present) all took a crack at the gig.

Steve Harvey is arguably the most popular host. The Nielson ratings seem to illustrate this as well.

It was 2010, Harvey’s first season, when this gem unfolded. The video has been viewed almost 14 million times and has served well in propelling Harvey’s popularity.

Two husbands, one a Marine, are called on to answer an interesting question. The host utters these dangerous words: “Which of the seven dwarfs describe your wife in bed?”

Watch as the Marine comes to the aid of his opponent. Both men tap dance ever so cautiously so no one gets hurt.

It seems they know enough to think before they speak. That is not always the case on The Feud.

You would figure the men would have been safe with “Bashful” or “Sleepy.” “Sneezy” and “Doc” would’ve taken some explaining.

“Happy” just had to be the number one answer if the men knew what was good for them. Saying “Grumpy” or “Dopey” would not have won them points on the Feud or the homefront.

Walt Disney sure did create a classic way back in 1937. The seven little miners that lived in the tiny cottage certainly went on to become a part of Americana.

This photo only captured six of the tiny fellows. “Bashful” must have been the one that was a bit camera shy. Regardless, this Marine and husband knew how to deal with a potentially explosive question and defused the question very tactfully.

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