Hospital Cameras Recorded Everything. What Happened? Incredible!

John smith is a fourteen year old boy who survived the tragedy after having sunk in an icy lake. The paramedics did try some CPR on the boy but it wasn’t successful. After twenty minutes no pulse was detected. What followed after was a true miracle!

The mom was on the scene and she prayed loudly asking the Lord to give her son another chance to live. She does not remember all the words she uttered during the prayer but she only remembers the way she asked God to send the Holy spirit to rescue her son. She prayed earnestly expecting something to happen and indeed something happened.

Suddenly, John’s heart started! The boy had been dead for forty five minutes. Dr. Garrett considers the incident a true miracle. The doctors thought that they boy’s brain functioning would be interfered with by this incident but luckily the teen is recovering and he seems to be okay. One would say that John did not only survive but he is also thriving!

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