Horse Deformed Leg Faces Death Until 1 Man Steps In, Finds Way To Change Her Life Forever

Meet Worthy, a young horse born in South Carolina who faced some serious challenges. Worthy was born with a severely deformed leg that prevented her from living a healthy life. In addition, Worthy’s owners could not afford to feed her or their other two horses let alone pay for her to have the surgery she needed to survive.

The local vets wanted to put her down due to her severe condition. Worthy was extremely underweight and malnourished. She also suffered from crushed growth plates in her deformed leg and was unable to move properly.

Worthy survived this way for a year before being rescued by Jay Weiner of The Gentle Barn Foundation. When he got a call about the horses, he wanted to take them in and refused to give up on the suffering horse. He showed photos of Worthy to their local vet in California who diagnosed the issue as Windswept Angular Limb Deformity.

This is a common condition in horses and can be corrected at birth. Since Worthy’s condition wasn’t corrected, Jay decided to have Worthy sent to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky which specialized in the exact surgery Worthy needed.

The surgeons at the facility told Jay it was the worst case of Windswept Angular Limb Deformity they had ever seen. They were reluctant but decided to take a chance on Worthy by performing this very risky surgery.

“After a 4-hour surgery, 6 months of hospitalization, thousands and thousands of dollars for the vet bill, two casts, a specially made leg brace, many titanium screws and plates and lots of prayers from around the world, Worthy made it,” The Gentle Barn Foundation shared.

Worthy is now deformity-free and is able to walk, run, and play like a normal horse. She will be able to spend the rest of her years at The Gentle Barn facility running free and providing hope and inspiration for children who come to visit her with deformities and challenges of their own.

Worthy’s story is truly heartwarming! It is reminiscent of many other animals who have had to overcome the odds in order to conquer their deformity and go on to lead happy lives.

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