Homeless Teen Doesn’t Know Room Makeover Is The Real Surprise

John Hunt Jr. overcame a lot in life, and that moment culminated on the day he moved into his college dorm… alone. Growing up in foster care was not easy for him, but when he saw hundreds of kids moving into their dorms with their families, while he was alone, it hurt.

Hunt vowed on that day that he would never let another foster or homeless kid go through that again. He created the Renaissance Scholars.

The Renaissance Scholars brings students who are homeless or come from foster homes together so that they can have a new family on campus. The organization teamed up with Kleenex to give a few students one epic surprise.

“People don’t look at me and think, ‘Wow, she’s homeless.’ No, it’s not always something you can see,” one student said about her suffering in silence.

Kleenex decided to surprise the students with free toiletries and supplies. What they didn’t see coming was that they were each getting complete dorm makeovers.

The students were crying at the thought of something as simple as free toilet paper, because they were so used to living without basic necessities, when they saw they finally each had a home — and a family — things got really emotional.

See this incredible surprise in the video below.

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