Helpless Dogs Left In Hot Car For 5 Hours Die After Owner Went To The Gym & Forgot

Three dogs died after their owner left them alone in a hot car while he was at the gym. The car was parked in Peterborough on June 16th. It was a very hot day and the inside of the car got heated quickly. Jonathan Theobald, 65, took responsibility for their deaths. When Theobald left the gym, two of the dogs had already died, and the third was on the verge of death.

Theobald tried to help the poor dog, but the damage was done. The dog was beyond help and soon passed away. The dogs, Daisy, Rascal, and Mitch, had no water in the car. There was also no ventilation to cool them down. RSPCA Inspector Justin Stubbs said that people assume it will be fine to leave their dogs in a car, thinking they are happier in the car than being home alone. But the inside of a car can act like a hot box in the sun and it is dangerous to leave anyone, especially pets and children, inside alone.

These poor dogs paid the price of their owner’s carelessness, which could have been easily prevented.


Leaving the dogs alone at home could have been much better than taking them along. The owner’s intentions may not have been bad, but he should’ve thought it through.