Heartless Teen Shoots Poor Puppy With An Arrow In The Neck Because She Was A “Nuisance”


A one-year-old puppy was shot through the neck with an arrow last week. Bryson Hensley, 18, surrendered himself into police in Madison County, North Carolina for shooting the dog. At first, Hensley stated that it was an accident, but when the police interrogated him further, he admitted the dog had gotten into the trash and thought was a nuisance. Hensley has been charged with animal cruelty.

The puppy was found in a critical state and taken to Appalachian Animal Hospital. Veterinarian Aaron Langley said the dog, named Grace, was lucky because the arrow missed vital areas in her neck. Langley has claimed that she will fully recover. If Grace’s owners don’t come to claim her, she will be put up for adoption after she has recovered.

Have a look at poor Grace.

Many people have already come forward to adopt Grace. Let’s just hope she gets a better and more loving home this time around.

Source: http://www.upliftingpage.com/grace-shot/