He Presses Play, But She Can’t Watch When Something Appears On The Screen…. So Cute!

Glenn Triggs is an independent filmmaker who decided to do something different to his girlfriend during their fifth anniversary after she had earlier faced him asking him why he did not make a video with her. Glenn, who is an excellent secret-keeper, then chose to invite all their friends over to his house to make a video of two minutes, of which, none of them knew.

With each given instructions in which they were to playing a role of holding a necklace that was not there and passing it over to an invisible person, they all played along without knowing his intentions even if they thought the instructions were a bit weird.

On the day of their fifth-anniversary celebration, after spending time away from the city and having the fan, it was time for Glenn to reveal his little secret to his girlfriend by sharing the touching video with her. Even after asking her several times if she was ready to watch it, he knew she was not ready for it.

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