Groom Marries Bride. Turns To Bride’s Daughter And Asks Her This One Question? I’m In Tears

Easily considered as one of the most happiest and memorable moments in one’s life, it is a sacred ceremony honoring the unity of man and woman into holy matrimony. We all know the words: “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

After the lavish ceremony, a bountiful reception is had coupled with a lively after party celebrating the happy couple. The whole affair is captured by wedding photographers and videographers to immortalize the wonderful event.

However, one aspect that is sometimes overshadowed by the jovial festivities of a wedding is the unification of families. Parents gain a new son or daughter to call their own, siblings gain a new brother and sister, aunts and uncles gain new nieces and nephews, and more.

But sometimes, the groom or bride themselves gain a new child to call their own.

That was the case for groom Diogo Bolant, 37, who made sure his new stepdaughter wasn’t left out during the ceremony.

During his wedding to now-wife Nicole in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Diogo took a moment to surprise six-year-old Isadora with an amazing gesture.

In front of the altar and their guests, Diogo “popped the question” to Isadora, asking, “Will you be my daughter forever?”

The little maid of honor immediately said yes before bursting into tears.

Diogo had a small ring prepared as well, sliding it upon her finger at her acceptance.

Nicole, Diogo’s wife and Isadora’s mother, was overjoyed at the action. “We wanted Isa to participate in our wedding ceremony because she is at that phase where she loves all things about princesses and is in love with the idea of being a bride,” she told the Brazilian newspaper Extra. “Diogo has this love, a true love, and affection for [Isadora] which is bigger than any title.”

Diogo’s selfless action demonstrates that he has enough love for two lovely ladies in his life. Kudos to him for using his special day to create a memorable day for not only his wife, but his new stepdaughter as well.

Best wishes to him and congratulations to this family for becoming whole!

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