Groom Gently Lifts Sick Mom Out Of Wheelchair And Does This To Her. I Was Left Drying My Tears

It’s the moment her little boy becomes a man and takes on a brand-new role.

He’s a husband now and it’s an incredible step forward in his life.

It can be difficult to accept that someone else will be taking care of him, but hopefully you’ve gained a wonderful new family member and can look forward to some grandchildren in the years to come!

Something else to look forward to: You’ll be able to share a beautiful dance with him at his wedding reception.

For Amy Winn, her son Stephen’s wedding was a chance to defy the odds and share a dance with her son despite the fact that her multiple sclerosis left her in a wheelchair.

For their dance, Stephen bent over and lifted Amy out of her chair, then started moving his mom around the dance floor.

You can see the emotion on both of their faces throughout the dance, as well as on the faces of the wedding guests watching from their tables.

This a moment that both mother and son can cherish forever as a completely unique experience that truly shows the love between them.

It’s impossible not to be touched by this beautiful moment.

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