Four Boys Drop Everything To Save Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cord

Young boys usually get a bad rap when they’re hanging out together in a neighborhood. Generally viewed with distrust, the lyrics ‘…snakes and snails and puppy dogs tails…’ seemingly made just to point out how mischievous they can be, these four boys in Detroit absolutely shattered that viewpoint when they became heroes to an abandoned pup they noticed when helping a neighbor move.

Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin, and Andrew notice the dog, now known as Sparkle, tied to an abandoned house with a bungee cords! They released her, gained her trust with a few slices of bologna, and took her back to their home – one of them even wrapping her in his jacket to stay warm. Sparkle was underweight, malnourished, and missing some fur on her hindquarters, but thank to these fast acting young men, she’s well on her way to a complete recovery, and will soon be up for adoption!

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