This Father Has A Brilliant Way To Leave Stress And Worries Behind!!


It’s natural that we carry our worries and ponder upon them again and again till our skin is wrinkled and mind becomes numb, lacking clarity. People have the habit of carrying their troubles at work back home, almost like an infection, inflicting the person throughout. It is difficult for some people to balance work stress and life at home, leaving the troubles behind. In this story, the Father has countless worries as he is heading home. Nothing that day had gone his way and he feels like a fragile plastic bench that has been weighed down and bent by heavy stones. Despite all his worries, he walks through the door of his house with his carpenter, before that he touches a tree, then strides into what he calls home and hugs his kids and greets his wife with a kiss. The transformation before and after entering the door takes the carpenter by surprise as he knows what was weighing down the man that day. His explanation to the carpenter as to why he touches the tree is the moral of the story, because to be frank, nothing lasts forever.

Via: Hrtwarming