Facebook Prank Leaves Daughter In Tears, So Mom Sues The Bullies Parents

It all happened during a Georgia student’s field day celebration. Alex Boston was enjoying the school trip when her friends began approaching her to ask bizarre questions she didn’t understand.

“Her friends started coming up to her and saying, ‘Why are you saying nasty things on Facebook about me?’” Alex’s father Chris Boston told ABC News. “She took off to the bathroom and hid. When she got home, she was crying.”

Alex explained to her parents what the bullies had done to her. When they pulled up the fake Facebook page that her classmates made to harass her, they were horrified.

The bullies referred to Alex with the R-word, implied she used drugs and engaged in lewd behavior, plus they edited photos of her face to make her seem heavier.

“It made me feel horrible because I didn’t think it would happen to me,” Alex said.

The parents immediately contacted the school where two teens admitted to making the Facebook page. The school couldn’t do much because the cyberbullying took place from their home computers.

However the bullies never took the page the down. In fact, it remained up for a year until Alex appeared on TV to talk about it.

“It was very frustrating to sit there and see your kid go through this, and you can’t get it to stop,” Chris said.

The Boston family decided to sue the two teenagers and their parents for not intervening. The lawsuit alleges the defendant’s actions were “intentional and malicious and were done for the purpose of causing Plaintiff to suffer humiliation, mental anguish, embarrassment, and emotional and physical distress,” according to ABC News.

While the case is still pending, a judge has allowed the trial to move forward.

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