EVERY Time Someone Tries To Clean Her Pen, This Llama Does THIS! Watch What She Does!

Brian Barczyk, the producer of Animal Bytes TV, doesn’t really have any qualms around reptiles and other creepy crawlies. When he decided to volunteer in the Tri State Zoo, Maryland, he wanted be around some mammals for a change. He was assigned to clean a pen belonging to a llama-alpaca hybrid named Misty. And what follows next is pure chaos!

Four-year-old Misty is an energetic animal who wants her pen to herself. She doesn’t want anyone meddling with her things. It seems she has a little case of obsessive compulsive disorder and really wants her things to be just a certain way, without any help from anyone else. This makes her a difficult case to deal with at the zoo.

It seems Brian didn’t know what he was in for when he requested to work with mammals at the zoo. If he’d known, maybe he would have stuck with the reptiles. But Misty sure does liven up his day when he tries to enter her enclosure. I’m pretty sure the zoo didn’t warn him about this or he may have refused.

When Misty spots the unwanted intruder, she does everything in her power to chase him out of her pen. It’s really hard to discern if she is angry or she wants a friend. I couldn’t stop laughing when Brian was forced to flee the pen! As it turns out she behaves this way with everyone!

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