Elvis Presley Performed This In The 1960?S, But Still You Can’t Take Your Eye Off It!

He was the one who managed to shape the rock ‘n’ roll by singing hit songs while dancing to them. Apart from that, he also participated in movies which became the favorite of many. When acting in movies, he always sang a song or two with his angelic voice.

Back in 1960, Elvis performed the G.I. Blues. In it, he is seen in a military outfit to interpreting the role of Tulsa McLean, who was an Army professional residing in Frankfurt, Germany, but dreaming of starting a night club back in his home country. But when he was at the barracks with some friend of his, they decide to compete in trying to get Lili, who is a songstress at a local nightclub, who was believed to be very hard to get.

In the competition, Presley finds himself getting seriously in love with Lili, and does all to bail himself out from the bet they had made with his friend, but after enjoying quite a wonderful time with her. One of the marvelous time they spent together was when they were walking and landed themselves in a multitude of people waiting for a puppet show. But while elderly man was performing, he encountered some difficulty in singing a recorded hit and Presley finds the golden chance to go onstage and sing the song.

The puppet who is a woman stays besides Presley even when she gets to know that Presley loves Lili. Watch the performance in the clip below to see how the male puppet conduct himself after seeing what is happening!

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