Ellen’s Producer Caught Off Guard When She Airs This Unplanned Footage Of Them Doing This

Ellen’s executive producer, Andy Lassner, is often brought onto the show to be the butt of Ellen’s jokes.

He has an incredibly likable persona, but he’s also easily frightened and subject to laugh attacks.

He’s best known for being caught on tape using his assistant as a shield in a haunted house, but he’s also made appearances in random episodes and skits when Ellen decides to call his comical personality into play.

For this episode, Ellen’s “pre-Halloween” surprise is executed perfectly, even though he has no idea it’s going on.

She gets him to the stage to practice with her for the interview coming up.

As he sits there with her, he pretends to be the celebrity guest, and Ellen goes through her own dialogue, knowing that it will end early.

Clueless Lassner sits there comfortably until someone pops out of a table.

And then, it’s all over. He hysterically jumps out of his seat and screams, looking like a cat jumping out of water. Then you see the disappointment fall over his face.

He clearly wasn’t expecting anything, and Ellen fooled him once again. I think he should get her back one day on live TV! Don’t you?

Maybe this Halloween he’ll get his revenge!

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