Dude Plays ‘Would You Rather’ With Girls In Bikinis, Wins Every Time

Generally speaking, the game “Would You Rather” is pretty simple. You ask someone a difficult question with two variables. The questions can be nice ice breakers, such as, “Would you rather live in the past or future?”

Unfortunately, like many things in life, the questions often take a dark twist.

For instance, “Would you rather swim a lap in a pool of poop or throw up?” Sorry for the visual, but that’s the whole point.

Of course, the game often takes a sexual twist, as it does here in this video, because all of the players are teenagers.

I don’t know what made me more uncomfortable here: the fact that I had to think about whether I’d rather have sex with my boyfriend in my dad’s body, or with my dad in my boyfriend’s body, or was it that I had to think about these teens having sex at all.

The fact that they are teens makes it so much worse, probably because I’ve only just come to terms with my awkward stage, which lasted throughout all of my high school years.

Anyway, the “host” of this game does successfully go to first base with one of the contestants. He asked her whether she’d rather make out with him, or get sh*t on by a dragon. Oh, young love.

That’s one way to approach girls on the beach. Take notes boys.

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