The doctors stand by motionlessly as the baby pushes itself out of the mother. Moments later, all are overwhelmed.

For every woman, the birth of her child is the most emotional moment of her life. Unfortunately, in the case of a cesarean section, much of the intensity, love and closeness of a natural birth is lost. Nevertheless, in order to have a special memory, this expectant mother wanted a natural cesarean. With this method, not only can the mother witness her baby’s birth, but the baby kicks itself slowly out of her abdomen. The whole process feels much more natural for the mother.

Unfortunately, not every hospital was willing to fulfill this mother’s wishes. Luckily, she found one that was. Indeed the doctors went one step further: Someone held a mirror so that the mother could see everything, and the anaesthetist gently lifted her shoulders up so that she didn’t miss a moment. Not only what the procedure required, but everything the mother wanted. Even if this type of birth is not for every woman, it is an alternative to the very sterile, conventional cesarean.