Doctors Seconds Away From Pulling The Plug On 3-Yr-Old W-Lung Cancer.Then He Rises From The Dead

Three-year-old Dylan Askin is a miracle child. After battling an extremely rare form of lung cancer, the boy made an unexpected and miraculous recovery just moments before he was taken off life support.

As their son lay lifeless in a hospital bed, parents Kerry and Mike Askin were faced with a heart-wrenching decision to remove their son from life support. Dylan’s health had rapidly deteriorated since his cancer diagnosis, and now, his organs were failing.

Young Dylan was diagnosed with the rare form of lung cancer on Christmas Day in 2015, and now, it was Good Friday. Doctors told the Askin family it was time to prepare to say goodbye to their son.

“He was clearly suffering and his oxygen levels had plummeted when the consultant asked us to make the decision to switch off his life support machine on Good Friday,” Kerry recalled.

Mike and Kerry wrestled with whether or not they were being selfish in holding out hope for their suffering son who was on death’s doorstep.

“Mike and I were just thinking of his brothers, thinking whether we were being selfish hanging on to him when he must be suffering so much,” an emotional Kerry explained.

Staring at their lifeless, hopeless little boy, Mike and Kerry came to terms with the fact that their son wasn’t going to make it. They needed to let him go.

Suddenly, moments before doctors removed Dylan from life support, a miracle occurred. Kerry noticed movement in her son’s body just as a doctor urgently rushed into the room with blood test results that revealed Dylan’s organs were not failing.

“When the doctor came rushing in with his blood test I just looked at Kerry straight away and this wave of hope came flowing back,” recalled Mike.

To the astonishment of everyone involved, Dylan’s health began to improve. The boy who was on the brink of death was now full of life.

The awe and wonder of God’s healing hand was evident to Dylan’s brother, Bryce, who immediately likened Dylan’s miraculous recovery to that of Jesus being raised from the dead.

“We had told Bryce that Dylan wasn’t coming back,” Kerry shared, “so when we explained that he had got better, Dylan said, ‘Oh, so he’s like Jesus then.’”

“I said, ‘you’re not wrong,’ He had just risen from the dead.”

Today, the Askin family is moved to tears when they gaze upon their miracle boy, happily playing with his brothers. Dylan is still undergoing cancer treatments, but his parents say you’d never know he was once such a sick little boy.

Dylan’s miraculous story has touched countless hearts, pointing to God as the author of our lives, sovereign in all his perfect ways.

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