Disabled Lowe’s Greeter Cries All Night After Coworkers Notice His Ripped Wheelchair And Step In

You spend day after day together, usually more time than you spend with your friends or family, so it only makes sense that you all start to get closer.

It’s important to feel comfortable at your workplace, and the people around you are a huge part of that.

The sense of community and support can be really important on not-so-good days when you need a little bit of extra help getting through your shift.

It can be really tough to go to a workplace each day and not feel that you have someone to talk to or to have a laugh with to break up the stress of your job.

Luckily, most people are able to make a few work friends to help make life a bit easier on them.

Chris Veseth, a 17-year Lowe’s employee, learned this in the most meaningful way when his coworkers stepped in to help him.

Veseth, who was born with cerebral palsy, had resorted to using tape to hold his wheelchair together because he couldn’t afford to get a new one. Hit the play button to hear the whole story.

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