Diner Customer Stares At Waiter’s Bad Teeth, Asks To Talk To Manager To Pay For Dental Work

Adding to the cozy feel of the little eatery is its friendly staff, among whom is the notable waiter, Brian Maixner.

Maixner is a chatty, smiley man. With his bright, positive attitude, he has made a name for himself in the establishment. Unfortunately, he’s been suffering from a series of dental issues for several years that has left him with missing teeth and mouth infections.

But that all changed one day when an out-of-towner sat down in the diner and was served by Maixner.

The customer, attorney Fred Boettcher, asked to speak to Maixner’s manager. What he did next blew everyone away: He offered to cover all expenses so Maixner could finally receive the full dental makeover he deserved.

Stories like this prove that the kindness of strangers can strike at the most unexpected moments — just take a look at the woman who gave a homeless man $120 so he could get his beloved dog out of the pound.

“I feel like I’m in shock. I still walk by my mirror and… wow, it’s so different,” Maixner says of his total transformation.

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