Daddy And Daughter Have A Time To Remember While Mom Is Away. This Will Surely Make You Smile!

A common saying goes… ’’Like father like son’’ but this was completely the opposite of it. Will go imagine a father and a daughter shaking their bodies off to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ song? Believe it all not, it happened right in their house. I am not speaking about a lady who is mature enough; it was just a teenager and the father!

The two made themselves a dancing floor in their own house and enjoyed their thing. They were taken into the song’s world and for sure they meant business.

Wish you see their team spirit they exhibited as the song went on. It was hilarious! Even professional dancer can profess that it takes time to achieve such coordinated and timely movements. I keep on asking myself what I could have done if I was the mother and I pop in and found the two enjoying their dance.

Do I stay back and watch or do I join them? Without doubt I will have to envy them till they get to train me on such moves.
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