Dad Gets Fatal Diagnosis While Wife Is Pregnant – So He Starts Making Videos For His Unborn Son

Steve Gleason was an NFL superstar who is about to have to grieve the fact that all of his strength could be taken from him.At age 34, he is diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

His wife and his immediate reaction was most likely heartbreak, shock, and complete confusion. That was my reaction as my eyes watered up watching, and I don’t even know this man.

However, his reaction down the line is more powerful. He decides that he is not going to let this diagnosis stop them from creating the family and life that they always dreamed of creating together.

There is no way to prepare for something like this, and there is no right way to handle it. But I definitely think that this video could inspire many people who find themselves or loved ones in unfortunate situations similar to Gleason’s.

Although this is a movie trailer, it is completely captivating and relatable. Watching this will give you chills, and I strongly believe everyone should get the chance to see it. These home clips, past memories, and future goals left me speechless.

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