Cruel Maniac Covers Puppy In Super Glue. But Then Rescuer Decides To Save His Life.

Meet Pascal, an incredibly brave little puppy who has endured the worst that humanity could throw at him, yet is still fighting for his life. Pascal was brought to an animal shelter in a cardboard box, a victim of horrific animal abuse.

Reportedly, a group of kids plastered the puppy with glue just for sport, and the result nearly took Pascal’s life. When rescuers from He’Art of Rescue came to collect Pascal from the shelter, they were shocked to find a statue of cement with a terrified puppy trapped inside.

Naturally, Pascal was in pain and absolutely terrified of what would happen to him next, but he allowed rescuers to begin the painstaking process of removing his matted fur and gently cleaning his skin. He slowly licked his wounds, hope glimmering in his eyes.

Tests later revealed that Pascal did not have any contagious diseases, and is doing okay on pain medicine and antibiotics. He is fighting off an infection, and though it will be a slow process, rescue workers are confident that he will improve.

“The treatment for his skin continues. Meanwhile, he quickly became the star of our clinic! Look at him!!! He is PERFECT!” reported the He’Art rescue team.

While Pascal’s physical body is on the mend, his soul is in desperate need of healing, which will come with time and continued nurturing. He is in good hands now, learning that not all humans are cruel.

“Although Pascal has been cleaned from the horrible chemical, the incident left a huge scar in his soul,” He’Art rescuers reported. “It is in his eyes, in his posture, in his lack of trust for people…He is being flooded in LOVE, love that can heal everything.”

While Pascal’s background brings people to anger and outrage, his future holds hope. While difficult to watch, Pascal’s story can prevent future animal abuse as parents and grandparents teach their children that harming an animal is never okay.

According to psychologist Joni Johnson, childhood animal cruelty can be a red flag that the child has been abused himself, or is acting out in response to domestic violence witnessed at home. If a child in your life exhibits behaviors of cruelty toward animals, consider seeking out professional assistance to bring healing and wholeness to the child.

Thankfully, many kind-hearted animal lovers are donating to Pascal’s medical expenses and offering to adopt the pup once he’s ready for a forever home. Pascal is a brave little fighter, and no doubt will soon begin to thrive, thanks to the kind souls who are caring for him.

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