Cockatoo Starts Talking With His Mom. But When His Mom Tries To Reply? I’m In Stitches!

Meet Gotcha. This Moluccan Cockatoo is an internet sensation. You might have even seen some of his videos before. He is a very energetic bird who loves to hang out with his owner. But sometimes he can be very talkative. Just take a look at this video for example! As Gotcha starts talking, the conversation becomes completely one-sided.

His owner says that he wanted to go downstairs, but since she had a few chores she needed to complete upstairs, they couldn’t. She couldn’t leave him by himself unsupervised since he is like a child. The sassy bird wasn’t very pleased with her decision. He let her know about it. The poor woman couldn’t even get a word in when he began his chatter. But according to her, Gotcha didn’t stay upset for very long. They soon went downstairs to play.

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