Coach Walks To Mound When Son Is Pitching, Drops 3 Words That Leave Announcers With ‘Goosebumps’

It’s never easy being the coach AND the father of a player, but what one coach just did to his son in the middle of the game has turned THOUSANDS of heads!

It all happened in Bend, Oregon, which is the 5th largest metro area in Oregon. It’s beautiful country in the great Northwest located at the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Tourism is Bend’s big industry due to it’s ideal conditions for many recreational activities. In fact, in 2015, Bend was ranked as one of the 10 best places to live and has grown into a very appealing retirement destination.

Obviously, the people are the main reason for the area’s appeal. This video is a fine example of what makes a place special.

WATCH the clip no one can shut up about. This is incredible:

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Joel Jensen coaches the Bend, Oregon team, and his son, Isaiah, is one of his top players. Many dynamics come into play when coaching a son, so it’s special when it works and can be pretty disappointing when things go sour.

The Bend team had a terrific run and surely the area was elated and supportive that “their little men” made it all the way to Williamsport, home of the Little league World Series. However, the team did not have as much success at the tournament as they would’ve liked and finished up in a consolation game against a team from Italy, ending their season.

Coach Jensen seized one last opportunity to give his son a pat on the back. He greeted him with an “I Love You” and soon after broke the news of his intent to replace him on the mound.

The words of encouragement from his Dad must have made him feel 10 feet tall. You could tell by the look on his face after his Dad’s visit that he was just happy to be there.

It seems like that’s how it should be for all kids in their sporting endeavors. Give it your best, play to win and if you don’t (win) it’s not the end of the world.

For coaches, the best teaching opportunities come in the midst of a tough loss. The good ones seize the opportunity. Everyone can use a little encouragement sometimes!