Cher Adds Modern Flare To I Got You Babe In Hysterical Performance With James Corden

Even if you weren’t alive when she started her career, many people still associate her with her former partner and husband, Sonny Bono.

Sonny and Cher took the world by storm and released many hits, one of those being “I Got You Babe” in 1965.

It’s been 51 years since they first released that song, and while they split up afterward, the lyrics haven’t changed. Until now!

Cher appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and the host got her back on the stage to perform, and it felt like home for her. Cher had two TV shows on CBS, where Late Late films, so James thought it was a perfect fit.

But as the song is half a century old, they decided to revamp the lyrics to make them a bit more modern!

The new song is “I Got You Bae,” which is a term younger kids use for their loved ones. The song has texting on cell phones and swiping right on Tinder, and all the things Cher needs to appeal to a younger crowd.

As if Cher had to prove she was so talented, she also showed off her funny side in this hilarious performance!

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