Celine Dion Asks A Little Girl To Come On Stage. What She Did Next Is Beyond Amazing!

Blessed with wonderful voice she has won millions of the heart around the world. She is now a popular, respected singer in her own right, but before this exotic fame, she was invited by Oprah Winfrey in her show which resulted in officially paving her path to recognition.

Mesmerized by Charice’s amazing talent, Oprah gave Charice the beautiful chance to meet her idol Celine Deon virtually. This thus helped her to get a chance to sing a duet with Celine Deon at Madison Square Garden. This truly was a dream come true for her.

During the performance Charice got so nervous that Celine actually had to take off 7 minutes conversing with her in order to calm her down on the stage. When Charice was ready to sing, she brought the house down. It’s hard to believe that a girl of her age can have such amazing vocal range.

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