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Amazing Facts About Mandrill

“No other member in the whole class of mammals is coloured in so extraordinary a manner as the adult male mandrills”—Chales Darwin Red and blue coloured nose and multi-coloured back of mandrills make them the most attractive and beautiful creatures in the cercopithecidae family.

Fun Facts About Kudu

Kudu, a very unique and beautiful animal, belongs to the group of antelopes. The range of kudus stretches from eastern to southern areas, and includes Ethiopia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Kenya, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Lesser kudu and greater kudu are the two species

Cool Facts About Meerkat

An animated film produced by the BBC presented the daily struggles of a family of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. Do you know which movie it was? The Meerkats! The movie beautifully describes the day-to-day battle of a meerkat’s life. Meerkats are the brown

Information About Mules

Mule is a hybrid produced when a male donkey (jack) mates with a female horse (mare). A mule is unable to reproduce naturally because of its irregular chromosome count. Since 1500s, there have been very few exceptions where the female mules have produced foal

Fun Facts About Oryx

The graceful oryx belongs to the category of being one of the rarest mammals on earth. This animal is so much adapted to the parched and brutally hot landscape that its ability to go on without water for a prolong period can only be

Amazing Facts About Pinniped

Pinnipeds are semi-marine mammals that can live on land as well as water. Walrus, Eared Seals (Sea-lion and fur seals), and Earless seals belong to the pinniped family. Unlike other mammals with hands, claws, and feet, pinnipeds have fins; this is the reason why

Cool Facts About Porcupine

Porcupines, like monkeys, are divided into old world and new world species. They are very peaceful yet territorial rodents and may become offensive when threatened. Still you will find them adorable at the first look and you might want to cuddle them. But don’t

Interesting Facts About Moose

Moose is a ruminant animal with even toes and cud-chewing characteristics of a typical land herbivore. The name moose has originated from the Algonquian Eastern Abnaki named ‘moz’ which means twig eater. They are often known as large northern deer with huge flattened antlers

Fun Facts About Siamang Gibbon

Large, dark and noisy! Yes, that is how a siamang is. Found mostly in the forests of Southern Asia particularly in Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra, the siamang gibbon is the largest of all the species of gibbons. Early risers that they are, they start

Facts About Iberian Lynx

It looks Egyptian, with its tiny little beard and sphinx like aura. It hunts like a Greek, with stealth like killing foreplay; creeping through its den, waiting silently on a tree or a rock, and in a split second grab hold of the neck