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Interesting Facts About Jackal

“When the tiger kills, the jackal profits”, this old proverb portrays jackal in a very poor light as a mere scavenger. They are in fact very fascinating animals that will engage you ever more, once you start knowing about their interesting way of life.

Fun Facts About Jaguar

Best known to resemble leopard, a jaguar is larger and of muscular built and its behaviour is closer to that of a tiger. It has a solid body, big head, and powerful jaw. Its coat has a yellow and tan colour but colour can

Information About Hispid Hare

Hispid hares are among those shy and secretive mammals whose scientific study is partially complete. Once this rare specie was spread across north-eastern India, southern Nepal, and northern Bangladesh but now they are restricted to segregated pockets in the tall grasslands of southern Nepal

Amazing Facts About Hyenas

Hyenas inhabit parts of African and Asian continents that include typical savannah, thorn bust, and stony desert. Hyaenidae, the fourth smallest biological family of the carnivore order, belongs to hyenas. Though known to be gutless and run away when threatened by other animals, there

Facts About Long Nosed Bandicoots

Long nosed bandicoot, an insect eating marsupial, is the largest member of the genus perameles and belongs to the family of Peramelidae. Restricted to the lands of Australia and Tasmania, these pests prefer open plains, wooded areas, clear grasslands, and drainpipes as their habitats.