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Facts About Solar System

The universe has remained the prime source of curiosity among the human beings since the ancient times. Thankfully, most of the orthodox and misconceptions from those times came to an end—as science developed—with the exploration of this cosmic ocean. A number of times, stargazers

Facts About The Moon

The only natural satellite of the Earth and the 5th largest among all the satellites in the solar system, the Moon is a great celestial body in our solar system which the universe has bestowed upon us. With an appearance that is calm and

Amazing Facts About Mars

Most of us are fascinated by the numerous stars and celestial activities. Think about it, how many times have we spent a good night observing the galaxy and have made imaginative figures joining those twinkling dotted stars? Certainly, several times! Among these awe-inspiring celestial

Facts About Uranus

Looking at Uranus—the seventh planet in our solar system and also one of the most gaseous—through a powerful telescope, one can’t help but get the feeling as if a very charming and mystical body is sitting in the centre, around which revolves the disciples

Interesting Facts About Jupiter

Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system was named so by the Romans after their King of Gods. And the Greeks named it Zeus, who was the son of Cronus. He was believed to be the most significant deity in both the pantheons.

Amazing Facts About Saturn

The sixth planet from sun, Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. Galileo was the first one to observe it with a telescope in the ancient times, though he was confused by its odd appearance when he saw it in 1610.

Interesting Information About Venus

The planet Venus, second from the Sun and the sixth largest planet, got its name for the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty. But geographically speaking, Venus is a bowl of heat and volcanic activities and as a result of its thick and

Facts About Pluto

If ever Pluto could narrate its own story, it would go something like this… “There I was, wandering quietly in the sea of cosmos, humming to the sound of my own whistle until they found me. I knew nothing then: neither the light nor

Amazing Facts About Mercury

Mercury, named after the Roman deity as the ‘messenger of gods’ is the smallest planet in the family of our Solar System. It has been entitled with this name because it revolves with the fastest speed around the Sun just as the divinity after

Interesting Facts About Sun

Sun, the only source of solar and heat energy has been worshipped as a significant deity from ancient ages. It has various names in different cultures; ancient Greeks named it ‘Helios’ while the Romans entitled it as ‘Sol’. Several mythical tales too run parallel