Bank Of America Illegally Forecloses Home They Paid For In Cash. Couple Gets Epic Revenge

Florida residents Warren and Maureen Nyerges, were furious when their Bank of America branch threatened to foreclose on the home that they had purchased years ago.

The bank threatened to take their home away, but the couple rightfully countered their threat. They had paid for their Collier County home in cash and the bank had no right to take it away. They didn’t owe a dime on their Golden Estates home.

The fury that they felt led them to hiring a lawyer who specialized in foreclosures. Attorney Todd Allen, represented the couple and with their agreement, they decided to foreclose on the bank. The tables were turned.

After the attorney sent several letters and phone calls, the bank never responded. The couple had been left with unnecessary legal fees and after five months of no response, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands. Click on the link below to hear the whole story.

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