An Angry Wife Writes A Letter To Her Cheating Husband’s Mistress – This Is EPIC!


One of the seven deadly sins includes ‘lust’, and this sin becomes even more noxious when one commits adultery in a relationship. There are people who do not remain faithful to their spouses and indulge in an extra marital affair. I wonder if their conscience does not speak or they just turn a deaf ear to it. They do not consider the feelings of the person who terms them as their better half, nor do they think about the years they spent together sharing a special bond. Rather, the fleeting moments spent with a new-found partner create a delusion which gains more importance than everything else. Cheating is never acceptable, in whichever form, in whatever circumstances. Most people believe that a cheater once caught red-handed should be taken to task as they have no right to hurt anyone’s feelings. The one who is harmed by such adultery might not always wait for Judgment Day to tackle such a situation. They take up the task themselves and do whatever is at their disposal. This does not mean that we should support violence, no never, but some sarcasm can always provide relief. This is the story of a lady who was cheated by her husband in spite being a faithful wife and caring mother. And when the infidelity of her husband was found, this is how she reacted. She wrote a letter to the mistress of her husband and published it on the web: 2 An excellent example of sarcasm.