Angry Customer Confronts Waitress After She Asks Mom If Her 8 Kids All Have The Same Dad

When this woman comes into a restaurant with her eight children, she’s confronted by a rude and judgmental waitress.

Not only does she rush them, she makes ridiculous comments about the way she’ll have to take care of their table because of its large size. She then goes on to ask questions about the father of the children and make assumptions about the way this mom might pay.

The disgust that this woman portrays might be an act for this What Would You Do? episode, but the truth is, there are people out there that do actually behave or think like this actress.

Thankfully, in this video we got to see a whole lot of positivity and kindness surrounding the family in the spotlight.

The people watching can’t help themselves from standing up for the woman, and one man even takes it to another level, getting out of his seat to make sure justice is served to the ridiculing waitress.

He tells her how wrong she is, and makes sure she knows that if he were in charge, she would be fired. A well-deserved scolding if you ask me.

There are many reactions that could have come up, but once again What Would You Do? shocks us all.

What do you actually think you’d do if you saw a waitress treating someone this way? It’s hard to know without being in the situation yourself, but I hope we’d all continue the common courtesy and acts of kindness that these people showed.

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